The clinic

The Clínica Dental Concha Martínez was established with the goal of providing a comprehensive and high-quality dental service, in accordance with a philosophy of teamwork in brand new facilities.

The commitment of our entire professional team guarantees personalised care that gives our patients the greatest possible comfort and confidence.

We are conscious of and we respect the environment because we believe that it has a direct impact on the health and quality of life of our entire surroundings. We have adapted our methodology and working routines to the new regulations governing waste management, sterilisation and the use of x-rays. In this way we adhere as strictly as possible to the legislation currently in force.

For all of these reasons, we try to maintain certain values and ways of doing things, because:

“This is the time for taking care of you, so we take all the time you need during each visit.”

“We like to be around people, so we bring a human quality to our work in order that you and your loved ones feel at ease.”

“Professionalism and perfectionism, we are committed to providing dental care that improves people’s lives.”

“Because every minute counts, we ensure that the time you spend in our facilities is pleasant.”