First visit

Let us show you what your first experience at Concha Martínez will be like.


We are acutely aware of the difficulty that patients can have with feeling comfortable during a visit to the dentist.


During your first visit we will conduct a personal interview in order to get to know you first-hand.

You can tell us about any concerns that you might have and we can align your wishes with your needs.


We will take the individual predisposition of every person into account, considering each patient as unique and different from all the others.


The clinical examination and x-ray performed at our clinic will give us all the information that we need to make a diagnosis.

Occasionally we will ask you to undergo an additional test that is relevant for completing your medical and/or dental record.


All of this information gathered in advance will enable us to offer you various treatment options that are tailored to you.


Here at the Clínica Dental Concha Martínez we believe that high-quality dental care is within reach of all who want it.

For this reason, in our professional activity and our work with people we endeavour to find a balance that brings you the maximum possible comfort and confidence.